Advertising just got smart

OPEN Messenger is seriously smart.

It can target advertising based on time of day, weather and even location – down to the postcode. It knows sports scores, distances to places and even betting odds. Game. Changing. Advertising.





With thousands of APIs available, OPEN Messenger can intelligently read in the information, process it, and display the results in realtime. Brands can even post custom messages to the cabs keeping clients informed and aware.

ad plays every day.

And that’s just in Liverpool.

We have been approved in 6 cities across the UK and many more cities are asking to be a part of it.

We plan to have 150 cabs on the road by the end of 2016.

Get your message seen.

Get ready to have your message seen in glorious full HD.

There are no colour limitations on our screens, with 16 million colours to make sure your brand is perfectly represented.




Our designs have squeezed every degree out of the legal viewing angles. That, combined with our Anti-Glare Technology, makes for a great viewing experience.


True Campaign Accountability

We’re giving brands reports like they’ve never seen them before.

Our clients get access to the OPEN Messenger Reports Console where they can monitor not only how many plays each campaign has achieved, but exactly where each ad was played. You can also track each screen, seeing them update in realtime.

Download reports in Excel, PDF or CSV formats for your own records .




Our console is also fully responsive, so you can view your campaigns performace on your mobile device, tablet or desktop.



New Medium. New Rules.

Digital Advertising on cabs is a relatively new idea. We have a team of talented designers and developers who have studied this medium and know the best way to make the most effective message possible on the screens.

Let us help you put your brand into motion.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Let's chat.